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What is a Birthing Center?


To start..

A birthing center is a medical facility, specializing in childbirth, that is less restrictive and more homelike than a hospital. It is in fact a place that women come to give birth to their babies but also a place to find prenatal and postpartum care for themselves and their newborns.

It is much different then just a resource center. We can offer you lots of resources, but mothers come to our center for:

Full prenatal care, to have their babies in the birthing center or at their home and full postpartum care for both mom and baby for six weeks after.

Provided by a comforting and compassionate Midwife!

But what is it underneath just being a facility for a person to come to give birth.

Birth centers offer a much more individualized approach to birth and the care that you receive in pregnancy, with the benefits of hospital birth and the freedom of a homebirth all wrapped into one. Some people feel more comfortable being in a birthing center then they do with being at home for their birth. but our birthing center provides support for mothers who want to have their baby in their homes OR in the birthing center.

So at anytime you are able to make the switch from wanting to have your baby at home to wanting to use our birthing center or the other way around!


Who can have their baby in a birthing center?

Anyone who decides they would like to be informed or have a more personalized experience, as long as they are low risk in their pregnancy and continue with being so during their pregnancy. Good prenatal care is JUST AS important as who will be there when your baby is born. Good prenatal care can help to prevent many complications or help you find the right care if something does not go as planned.


What about a natural birth and why?

Some women know they want to birth in a hospital, and some women know they want to avoid interventions or birth without the help of drugs or medications.

We know that no one gets pregnant hoping to have a bad experience! So we are here to help!

If you want to have your baby in a hospital but would like to avoid unnecessary intervention, receive pain medications or over all just have a better birth experience in the environment that you choose, getting a doula is your best bet!

Hiring a doula to care for you if you are having your baby in a hospital may be a great option for you to ensure great communication between you and your ob/gyn or hospital based midwife and to help you get the hands on support to help you through your birth and help your partner to help you!

If you are looking for a doula to support you at the hospital, we also offer amazing doula support!



If you would like to avoid interventions, avoid medications, receive hands on support or experience enough to know when to be hands on and when to be hands off, feel like you have had plenty of time to feel listened to by your care provider who really takes the time to get to know you. Then getting a midwife sounds right for you.

Because we are a smaller birthing center, you will know who your midwife is and unless there is an emergency, you wont have to have someone attend your birth that you do not know.

So spend all the time getting to know your birth team, because we are it!

If you desire the amazing and empowering experience of a natural birth, your chances of success at a birth center are a lot more favorable then in the hospital! Even the studies show that out of hospital birth reduces your risk of intervention, is perfectly safe for low risk women, but the birth stories you can find of women birthing at home or in a birthing center speaks for themselves!

We support you wherever you desire to give birth.
You have many options.
Choose the option that helps you to feel your best, feel empowered. And most of all, helps you to have the best experience you can!

- About Ellie -

Holistic Evidence Based Support

The Bastrop Birthing Center is a Licensed Birthing center providing care to mothers from all over central Texas!


Ellie is the owner and director of The Bastrop Birthing Center.

Her passion is holistic health and wellness, Sustainable living and babies!

She created the center to provide comfort and support for moms outside of the Austin area. So that mothers who are low risk, and don't need to birth in a hospital, can find a safe holistic option close to home.
Instead of having to make the unsafe and far drive into Austin, while in labor, those mothers now have the option to have their baby either in the comfort of their own homes, or at our quaint, cozy birthing center. 

She hopes that the center will provide a sense of community by bringing families together and give them a place to have educational classes, yoga, meet ups and more! For both moms and dads!

Ellie has four kiddos of her own. All born naturally, in birth centers and home.

Serving families since 2001 as a Childbirth Educator, Nanny

and has enjoyed offering birth support to hundreds of birthing women since 2009 as a doula.

Attending over 365 births as a doula and midwife

Certified and Trained: 

Birth Doula, CPR, Blood borne pathogens, Food handlers license,

Neonatal Resuscitation, Naturopathic Practitioner

Breastfeeding Education, Life coaching, Advanced Herbology, Pregnancy Massage, Aromatherapy, Craniosacral Therapy , Reflexology, Homeopathy, Reiki, Professional Photography, Midwife Assistant, Rebozo techniques for Optimal Fetal Positioning

Degrees and Licenses:

Licensed Midwife (LM) in the state of Texas, Certified Professional Midwife ( CPM ) from North American Registry of Midwives, BS in Naturopathic Medicine from National University of Holistic Medicine.

She currently lives on a farm right outside of Bastrop where they are building a

eco friendly village while raising farm animals and free ranch children!