Home Birth



Pregnancy Support:

Confidential pregnancy tests and counseling

Prenatal appointments:

         Once a month until 32 weeks of pregnancy

          Twice a month until the 36th week of pregnancy

          36 week appointment in your home

          Weekly in office visits until your baby is born

Nutritional counseling and Herbology consultations as needed

Referral for ultrasound - 18-22wk anatomy scan and as indicated (Early dating ultrasound if necessary)

Childbirth education class-

          Go over what normal birth looks like, go over comfort techniques, what to expect and how to prepare for your birth.

Welcoming of partners, children and family members at visits

Phone and email support available as needed.


Labor Support:

Phone support at first sign of labor

24 hour a day availability by midwife

Continuous labor support as hands on or hands off as needed

On-going assessment of mother and baby's well-being

Qualified birth assistant in addition to midwife at every birth and usually a second midwife

Medical consultation/transport when deviations from normal occur

Pictures can be taken on your phone - not professional photography.

Written timeline of events (if desired)


Postpartum Support:

Care and support by your midwife in the immediate postpartum period, normally 3 to 6 hours after birth

Ongoing Breastfeeding support

Complete exam of your baby after birth and referral for anything out of the normal 

Insuring that mom has eaten and is taken care of before departing

4 postpartum visits offered in the first 6 weeks—more if needed -

          24 hr, 3 days, 1 wk, 6 wk

Care of your normal newborn for the first 6 weeks of life

Standard newborn tests offered

Birth certificate services

6-week follow-up to offer well-women care such as breast exam, pap smears and family planning options

Postpartum resources and referrals


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