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Terms and Conditions


We currently require that before any service is rendered that all doulas should have a signed release form from their clients before taking notes about them, their labor, birth or postpartum. In order to best serve our clients we require this to be signed upon joining our team and hiring us for services. Once you have completed your Client information form, you will receive a confirmation that we have received your form and a copy of the information you have submitted. All of our doulas have access to our online database at all times and have access to their copies of your form at all time to insure that she is complying with the confidentiality regulations if questioned. Confidentiality of medical and personal information obtained during the course of your doula's work is very important to us. If at any time failure to comply with these regulations could result in penalties or breach of contract and their contract risks being terminated.


I, _____________(client), give my permission, for the doulas at Austin Womb Service to take notes about me,  including any personal information I choose to disclose to her and information regarding my labor, birth and postpartum, as well as any information regarding my child or children. I understand that this information will be shared with the doula that is providing backup support. I also realize that this information may anonymously be used for the for statistical purposes, and that the doulas at Austin Womb Service may use this information to provide me with a summary for my own personal use.


Services Contract



We thank you for choosing Austin Womb Service for your doula services. We offer two different options of care. Option 1 included your choice of a specific doula and you will pay based upon their experience level. The second option: Option 2 includes that the doula who attends your birth will be assigned depending on the 24/7 call schedule based on the time you go into labor. Your postpartum doula will be matched for you based on needs, availability, and  geography and can be requested. This contract is an agreement between “client”  and Austin Womb Service (“doula”). The doula will provide labor support for client’s birth, or postpartum support after delivery. This contract includes all doulas working under the business name of "Austin Womb Service".



Our Doulas do not perform any clinical tasks or make any medical assumptions or decisions that the client and her healthcare provider decide upon during the client's pregnancy, labor, and delivery as well as the postpartum period. Your doula will not speak for clients to the medical staff unless in a humble/helpful manner to open discussion between parents and providers, but will discuss concerns with the clients directly and provide information to help you, as the client make your own decisions before and during labor. The client understands that the doula is not responsible for clinical outcomes of any kind. Your doula is only able to come to you in labor when you ask for her, she cannot tell if you need support by questions and you have to specifically ask for her to join you and then she has the alloted 2 hours to get to you from the time she agrees to join you. It is not the doulas fault if the client does not ask for the doulas support early enough for her to arrive at an optimal time. You will find that the contract states that she is within her limitations if she is to arrive within 2 hours after being asked to come for support. Your doula is also not responsible for loss of communication if the client does not decide to keep her up to date or if they do not reach out to her. It is the clients responsibility to insure that all meeting are scheduled and all services are rendered. 
The doula is not responsible for any unreceived emails, texts, or phone calls that the client fails to receive. She (The doula) is unable to know if any of the communication is received on the clients end if the client does not respond to her. If the client does not reach out or respond to the doulas attempts (although not required the doula will sometimes reach out to schedule appointments.) then the doula assumes that the client is not interested in having the appointment and will document on the clients file that she refused the service. There will be no refunds for any refused services, unless the deal was made before contracts were signed or the client requests that the funds be transferred to a different service provided by the doula ( at the doulas discretion and approval ). 

Birth Doula Services

Your doula will accompany you "the client" to labor to help you obtain the birth experience you desire. Your doula will use her own experience and knowledge to provide physical, emotional and informational support to you and your partner during your pregnancy as well as during your labor and birth. We are your doula and do not have any ties with your providers or hospital and therefore have no agenda for the outcome of your labor.  As soon as the client thinks she is in labor, day or night, she will call the Austin Womb Service number 512-710-WOMB (9662) multiple times before assuming that your doula will join you "the client" and she must agree it she is going to join you at that time.  If any additional services are rendered by the doula, you as the client as responsible for payment and will automatically be rendered into your contract. If the doula does not answer the phone the first time, please call back until she answers the phone or responds in a message.

​​Postpartum Doula/Night Nanny Services

Postpartum Doula’s will offer full time support with infant care, breastfeeding, sibling care, meal preparation, laundry, light housekeeping, emotional support, home organization, errand runs and safety tips. Postpartum doulas promote time for infant and family bonding while creating a sense of balance and organization during your recovery period. Night Nannies provide full time infant care on the overnight shift so parents can sleep.



Doula does not perform any clinical tasks or make any medical decisions that client and her healthcare provider may make during client’s pregnancy, labor, and delivery. Doula will not speak for client to medical staff, but will discuss concerns with client and provide information to help client make decisions before and during labor. Client understands doula is not responsible for clinical outcomes.

Client knows that hiring a doula does not guarantee that a client's experience will be positive, but your doula will do everything in her power to provide you the services she is hired for. If a specific comfort measure is desired for labor it is a good idea for both parties to know what the clients expectations are so that the doula can try to fulfill the request.

We ask that if you are unsuccessful at reaching your doula the first 3 times that you try calling an additional 5 times over the next one to two hours (Depending on how urgent the matter is) and text your doula at least 5 times before assuming that she will not join you and your partner. Please do not stop calling your doula until you are able to get a response from her.

Once your doula says she is on the way to join you "the client" She has 2 hours (During labor and within 4 hours of baby being born) to get to you before she resumes the responsibility of a refund. and if for any reason she is still unreachable you can contact the owners phone directly at 512-718-3302 or her husband's phone at 512-960-5551(only after all failed attempts)

Photography Usage

By signing up for services you consent for a picture of you/and or your baby to be posted on our Austin Womb Service Facebook page with/out personal identifiers  that may include your babies first name and/or birth weight.


Refund Policy

Clients who have purchased a Doula package may decide at any time that she no longer requires a doula present at her birth before the 30th week of her pregnancy, in this case, any unused services will be refunded less then the deposit made at the beginning of your contract. The cancellation fee is non-refundable nor transferable. There is a $25 Postpartum Registration fee which is non-refundable nor transferable. Once a service has been completed the charges are non-refundable nor transferable. After the 34th week of pregnancy, 100% of the amount paid is deemed non refundable if the reasons for services not being rendered are at the fault of the clients (example: client forget to call, decide they don't want the doula there or a change in birthing options. Whatever the reason from the client be). $350 of the 50% non refundable deposit is still non refundable but the remaining amount of the 50% can be transferred to pay for postpartum support if support is not provided by doula within 4 hours of the birth of the baby or back up is not provided.

If you have ordered a private doula package, fees can be deemed non refundable if the doula provides services that she feels she has gone above and beyond to try to provide support to the client.


By clicking on the submit button on the Client information form , I agree to the terms of service.

If any additional services that are rendered by the doula, you as the client are responsible for payment and will automatically be rendered into your contract.