Why is self care so important? Because no one can care and nourish you like you can. Families plan for their entire pregnancy for a baby, and a birth but caring for yourself while you do so is JUST as important. Because you cannot care for others when you have nothing left to give!

This package puts the focus back on mothers so that they can do what they do best while feeling their best!

This package includes all the same midwifery care that you love that is in the basic home birth package, all the same testing and support, but with more of a focus on holistically caring and nourishing mom.

We see you in our office every month until you are 32 weeks pregnant, then every two weeks at which time we will do an in home prenatal visit to make a plan to where and how you want to give birth in your space. After that we see you every week until you have your baby!

PLUS: with this package you get


*Centered focused relaxation during ALL of your prenatal visits

During your regular prenatal visits we put the focus on decompression and relaxation during your visit.  Using energy work and a calming environment you are able to spend 10/15 mins letting go of stress so that you can focus on making sure your prenatal visit is through. We want  you to have the time to mentally come down from everything else and are able to get all of your questions asked! This makes appointments a lot more enjoyable. This is also a really great time to learn about how to get baby into a really great position for birth!

* One Prenatal Massage

60 min session prenatal massage to help calm and relax you so that you can focus on the more important things - Your adorable baby room


*One - IN LABOR massage

- The highest need for intervention during birth is because of maternal exhaustion.
Start your labor off by lowering cortisol levels (the stress hormone) so as your labor progresses you will be well rested and ready to birth your baby! -

* One Postpartum Massage

60 min session that includes a focus on helping to heal your womb so you can heal from carrying a baby.

* Belly Binding session

This helps to align your organs for optimal healing. Belly binding holds together your abdominal muscles to close the gap while reducing bleeding, pulling together your hips and ribs that spread during childbirth. Wrap is included.

*2 week postpartum relaxation session

The best thing you can do for your postpartum healing is resting, relaxing and laying in bed. You just had a baby and the adjustment period is real! This session is to help decompress from all that it is to be a new parent! This is a tuck in service where you can nurse your baby and get some TLC. We pull out all the stops! low lights, essential oils for deep relaxation. craniosacral to reset and energy work for deep healing.


Pregnancy can be stressful, confusing, overwhelming, beautiful and life changing! Let us help give you tools to calm and center yourself, take care of your body and focus your energy on how you can enjoy yourself during this time!


(this includes all prenatal, postpartum and newborn care as well as the additional services)

*(all massage appointments are done with a licensed massage therapist and not your midwife)