Pregnancy Support:

Two (1 hour) Prenatal appointments:

- Birth Plan Overview - In home or meeting place

- Prenatal meeting to discuss your pregnancy, 

go over comfort techniques, what to expect and how to

prepare for your birth. Can be in your home or Doctors appointment

Phone and email support available 24hrs a day as needed


Labor Support:

Phone support at first sign of labor

Availability (on call for you) from the moment

you book your package!

In home support if desired (Recommended)

Meet you at home, the hospital or birth center and

stay with you the duration of your birth


Postpartum Support:

Initial latch and breastfeeding support

Insuring that both mom and dad are fed before departure

One week in home visit (If needed - client to schedule)

Postpartum resources and referrals

Basic Doula Support