Evidence Based Birth Class with a Holistic Approach

What is The childbirth class?


  • body's preparation for labour and signs of labour; 

  • when to come to hospital or call your midwife; 

  • what happens during labour and birth; 

  • understanding the role of your hormones on labour; 

  • creating your own emotionally safe birth environment; 

  • self-help strategies for labour including positions for active labour; 

  • breath awareness practice and affirmations; 

  • how your support person can best help you; 

  • medical pain relief options; 

  • dealing with unexpected events before, during and after labour and birth; 

  • early skin-to-skin with baby; 

  • early days in hospital and at home.


As you are 'becoming a parent' and not just 'having a baby', most good-quality antenatal courses also include education about:  

  • newborn behaviour; 

  • recognizing when your baby is hungry, tired or ready for play; 

  • breastfeeding; 

  • strategies to develop and strengthen the 'parenting partnership' (the mother and the other significant person who will co-parent the child)

  • helpful ideas concerning the impact of a new baby on the couple's relationship. 

    We cover topics of Comfort measures from the following birthing methods

  • HypnoBirthing

  • HypnoBabies

  • Lamaze

  • Bradley Method

  • Calm

  • Aromatherapy for pregnancy and Childbirth


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Childbirth Class