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Doulas support you in the birthing process – 
 To help you find your 
 power, your calm, and your voice! 
We support the whole mother 

Finding Support for any setting, every birth!

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There is one significant difference between a midwife and a doula. Midwives provide medical care for you during pregnancy, birth, and after the baby is born. Doulas provide you and your family with emotional, informational, and physical support through your pregnancy journey but they do not provide any medical support. Think of a doula like a trained best friend. Or a birth coach!



and how can a doula help you?

What do doulas do ?
1. They help prepare and educate both you and your partner for birth.
2. They help you create a unique birth plan that supports your wishes.
3. They stay with you nonstop, supporting you through the entire birth process.
4. They coach, guide and talk you through any emotional blocks or fears that might come up for you in birth.
5. They create a sacred, safe, protected and peaceful space with their energy, candles, aromatherapy and music.
6. They support you in your birth choices without judgment.
7. They provide encouragement and reassurance.
8. They help put you in birthing positions that are good for optimal fetal positioning
9. They give massages, visualizations, meditations, breath work, energy work, sounding and movement to help with pain management and comfort .
10. They advocate for the mother and her partner and can help facilitate better communication between the mother and her caregiver.

What doulas DON'T do:

Doulas are NOT medical professionals,

and don't preform medical exams, tasks, diagnose conditions

or deliver babies.

Doulas do not project their views onto you,

and they NEVER judge you or make you feel bad for the choices and decisions you make.


Having a doula can help you:

Reduce the possibility of Caesarean section

Reduce the need for pain medication and epidurals

Minimize the time of labor

Reduce the need for use of vacuum

Calm anxiety and reduce depression

Help with confidence and self-esteem

The Team Model

Our Birth Doula Program Options

When you sign up for a birth doula, you have the option of choosing our private doula program or our group doula program.

Private Doula


With our private doula program, you can choose one doula who will be with you from the prenatal period through the postpartum period. She will be available each day and will meet you in labor.

The cost of the private doula program is $1450.

Group Doula

With our group doula program, the doulas share a call schedule and are each on call for 24-hour periods. The doula who is on call when you are in active labor will attend your birth.

The cost of the group doula program is $950.


Studies show with continuous labor support provided by a doula, women experience a...


Decrease in the use of Pitocin


Decrease in the risk of delivery by c-section


Increase in the likelihood of a spontaneous vaginal birth*


Decrease in the risk of being dissatisfied with the birth experience


Decrease in intervention has been shown when the use of some form of relaxation in early labor!



- "What if an intervention is suggested that I do not quite understand?"
- "What if I feel it is not really an emergency?"
- "How will I manage the pain of childbirth?"
- "What if I am unsure of questions to ask my doctor?"
- "What if the nurse talks me into doing something I dont want to do?"
- " What are we supposed to do if an emergency arises?"
- "How can my partner help me through the birth of our baby"
- "What if?...."

"During our birth plan session we went over all of our choices and possible interventions so that I was able to make a evidence based decision."
"the comfort measures that we went over taught my husband exactly how to help to relax me so that I didnt have to be worried about directing him while I was in labor. It was very helpful"
"Having a doula who specialized in so many things comforted my husband. He was scared a doula was there just to hold my hand."
"it was comforting knowing that our doula held no judgement that I wanted to use pain medication. After 20 hours of labor I never needed it because of her amazing rebozo trick and relaxing touch!"

Doula Support Packages

Want to know more about our doula support?

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