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Placenta Services

Did you know that once your placenta separates and is born your body looses an extreme amount of the hormones and  nutrients that it stored during your pregnancy?​

You can aid your body in having a happy postpartum period by doing what nearly every mammal does after birth.

By consuming the placenta can you can help to

Decrease the chances of:

Postpartum depression or common postpartum mood disorders

Postpartum hemorrhaging

Long recovery time


milk supply

Iron levels

overall wellness

positive moods

Aids in faster recovery

Helps you start to feel normal faster

Gives you back what your body has lost

You can take it when you are sick

You can even save it and use it for emotional support during menopause!  

(Yep! It will last that long!)

Humans are among the only mammals that do not make use of these amazing benefits on a regular basis.


Because in our culture it has become so unknown or foreign most women didn't know they had the option!

There are many ways to use your placenta.

You can cook it

Have a delicious postpartum smoothie (You can not taste it I promise!)

Take it in pill form (most preferred method)


We can make you a tincture that not only is great for you with the same benefits of the encapsulation, but can be made into a custom homeopathic medicine for your beautiful little baby. Any time your child gets sick, if they have a hard time coping or experience hormonal changes, acting out or just seem off

What could be better than something your body made just for them!


Remember: If you are still thinking about it and are unsure,

It is better to have it and not need it,

then to need it and not have it.  


Studies have shown that:

13% of mothers experience postpartum depression in the first year

1% of mothers experience postpartum psychosis in the first 3 months

50-85% of new mothers experience

postpartum blues or feelings of being "off" in the first 2 weeks!

So whereas the chances of postpartum depression are low, studies have shown that a high number of women reported some type of mood disorder during their postpartum period.

Call or email to set it up!

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