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Basic Doula Support

Pregnancy Support:

Two (1 hour) Prenatal appointments:

     - #1 - Birth Plan Overview - Done in home or at a mutual meeting place (cafe or restaurant)

     - #2 - Prenatal meeting to discuss your pregnancy, go over comfort techniques, what to expect and how to prepare for your birth. During this visit, I give couples all of my tools and tricks so that they can find what is beneficial and helpful for both mom and partner.

   - In depth detailed end of pregnancy plan that includes great ways for partners to bond and connect

  in pregnancy to prepare for labor. Things to do in early labor, how to identify when to do to the

 hospital/birth center and when to call your doula, how to prepare for postpartum healing, and ways to help this experience be everything you want it to be. Also covers: Things to pack in your birthing bag, healing ways to relax or find healing.

     - UNLIMITED Phone and email support prenatally as needed

Labor Support:

     - Phone support at first sign of labor

     - Availability (on call for you) from the moment you book your package!

That is 24/7 on-call care with NO black-out dates --even on holidays or weekends where as some doulas are only on call from certain gestational dates. 

     - Support in your home, if desired (recommended), before making the transition to the hospital/birth center

         OR meet you the hospital/birth center and stay with you the duration of your birth depending on what you want

     - Pictures can be taken on your phone -  these are not professional photos.

     - Written timeline of events (if desired)


Postpartum Support:

     - Help with initial latch and breastfeeding support

     - Make sure that both mom and dad are fed before leaving

     - In depth detailed postpartum plan that includes postpartum meal planning, breastfeeding information,

          postpartum healing guide, postpartum exercise guide, normal newborn tips, helpful ways to deal with family

          members, and ways to help ease the transition of adding a baby to the family.

          This helps you to prepare for life after birth

     - One week in home visit (If needed - client to schedule)

     - Postpartum resources and referrals

     - UNLIMITED Phone and email support postpartum as needed

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