What actual clients had to say

*all reviews were sent in by actual clients and always shared with permission*


Ellie - Words fall short to express my and our gratitude for your peaceful, strong and determined presence at our birth. I felt especially bonded to you and will always remember the story with you by my side. You truly have a calling and vocation in life, as a mother, woman and trusted midwife/doula

Wrote: Faith, Cameron and Christian 5/2018

"So much can be said about Ellie and the support that we got during our pregnancy. This was our rainbow baby. After such a hard first pregnancy she was the caring and compassionate presence that we both needed to get through our birth! Ellie was there for every question, every concern and never made me feel like I was just another client. She told me over and over again how amazing I was and helped my partner be close to me so that we could experience this together. "

Michelle W

Casey JohnsonWrote:


“The quality care and support I received during my labor was incredible. I couldn’t have asked for a better doula to take care of me and see to it that I was calm and prepared for my delivery, during labor, and postpartum.”

Amanda said:


"Your kind, passionate, calming ways just spill over into everything that you talk about and it inspires people! You inspired and empowered me from the very first moment that I met you and more and more each time we met. I feel like your presence made the biggest difference in my birth. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!"

S and R Sent in:


"We are so glad to have taken your help and are convinced that it was essential for a smooth delivery. So we take it as a responsibility to tell anyone, who will listen, the importance of a doula and an experienced one at that. You are doing a great service.”

"Ellie helped my wife and I through one of the most intense and amazing days of our lives. Her quick thinking and excellent training saved both of the people I love. I don't say this to scare people, but having a trained professional is IMPORTANT. We know most of the time birth is safe. We know that what happened during our birth is not a normal occurrence. But without Ellie there I feel like it would have been a completely different day. She was quick to act when things didn't go as planned and made sure we knew what was happening at every point. We will forever be grateful for her calm personality in the middle of an emergency.  During our prenatal care she was always available and helped us to feel confident, but I tell you what... during our birth she was a freakin ROCKSTAR! Thank you thank you thank you so much Ellie for all that you do for families. You helped us more then you know.    "

B.O and baby Jane 2020

" We arrived to the birthing center at 4 am. Tired and ready for the baby to come. Ellie Immediately tucked us into bed, checked on baby. You are working so hard, its time to try to rest she said. You are here, you are safe. All the stress my body was feeling melted away and we breathed through contractions together. Between I tried to rest but it was hard! She was there though keeping me focused on releasing the tension between. my husband got a nap and we got a baby a few short hours later! Baby was born sweetly and slowly into the water. Into my husbands hands. she guided us with her words and then tucked us back into bed with our tiny little babe. She was so attentive to our needs. Made sure I had food and water. Helping us to learn who this little one was and to figure out how to nurse. Her birthing center is the best thing that has happened to this town. She has been the midwife for every new mom I know and we all love and adore her.   "

S and S

"I do not say this lightly when I say that Ellie is the most amazing midwife I have ever met. I am a doula and have worked with countless doctors and other midwives over the years but wow. She went above and beyond to make sure that I felt in control of my experience. Every time she touched my belly she asked for permission first. She gave me resources to help me make my own decision and never pushed what she felt was best on me. Instead she cared about my opinion. She cares so deeply for her clients and gently guides them in a way that is nurturing and not overbearing. She had a way about her that helped my husband feel supported instead of stupid about his lack of knowledge. As first time parents this is very important! I wanted our experience to be about the both of us and it was. Ellie quietly slipped into my bedroom when I was laboring so she wouldn't disturb me, made sure I knew she was there if I needed anything, asked me how I was doing and was just available at every point. Not once did I feel unsupported. She knew when I needed her to be close and when I needed room to breath. She was that steady and strong force that I needed when it felt like too much. Her confidence gave him confidence and when she said reach down and catch your baby he did it! It blew his mind that he was so present in all things. I cant imagine him being stuck on the other side of a hospital bed away from our baby and I. Ellie Was the blessing that I was searching for in a sea of uncertainty.       "

The D Family.

" You held me up in your arms like you have known me forever. You spoke to me as though I was your own daughter and that you would help me wade this storm.  When I was lost you guided me home. You guided my baby into my hands and made sure that she was safe and would never leave them. You watched my heart break open and then stitched it gently closed every step of this journey. You tell me over and over again how strong I am but I feel as though I remember that I am because of you. I could not have gotten through this without you because I feel like this is more then work for you. You are a midwife through and through. You find joy in seeing your clients and you work hard to keep us all safe. I hope that when you go home and wrap your arms around your little babies that you know that your clients feel the love you give every one of us with those same arms.     "

Patty and baby P

" The birth of my 4th baby has been the most amazing experience. I took a lot of time to research midwives and hired Ellie because of these amazing reviews and how knowledgeable she is. Now I am excited to write my own review about her! What can I say about her that has not already been said? Well to start she cares about her clients and does not act like birth is this la la hippy dippy thing. She has amazing back up plans and seems like she prepares for everything. She is so ready to do what she can for everyone who walks into her office. You can tell that she legit cares for us. During our prenatal visits she was answered all of our questions with amazing grace, but during birth her voice turned soft. She went from this super smart birth nerd to this very supportive solid but gently being. She had a way of speaking that instilled confidence that everything was going as planned and that my baby was safe while reminding me to breath. She came to our home for most visits and after the baby was born she was there multiple times to make sure we were both doing good! You want Ellie as your midwife. Trust us all here. Shes the best!     "


" I had my first baby in a big birthing center and the experience was great, but I wanted to know who my midwife was this time. I wanted to get to know who would be at my birth and have a more personal experience. I also did not want to drive ANYWHERE! ha!

She made it super easy! Like easier then I thought it would be. She gave me a binder that had everything in it that I would need. Exercises, diet. how to prepare for the birth at home. which was basically order your birth kit and put extra sheets in a bag. She came to me for some visits and some where done in her very cute office. She also made sure that I did not feel isolated and connected me with groups, meet ups, practitioners if needed so that we had our community and were not in this alone. Our prenatal visits were never rushed. No waiting rooms or receptionists. It was her every step of the way. Her birth assistant came to any visit I wanted her to so that I could get to know her to. She was very supportive during my birth and helped us any way she could. I didn't have one vaginal exam (at my request) and she kept me informed before everything. She asked my partner if she needed anything or had any questions every chance she got so that she was also supported. I cannot express how calming and collected she was, but also has a take charge energy about her that makes you know that she will also take jump in an emergency if needed. Don't let her calm demeanor fool you . She can sooth your fears and also handle an emergency like a pro all in one sentence! This birth was what I needed to heal. She is more then amazing. Shes the midwife who will help you have the experience that you want. 

Thank you Ellie. Enjoy the massage! You deserve it!  "

Parents of Baby April

"My whole family has used Ellie for our pregnancies! My two sisters, our cousins, my mom used her for her doula when she was younger and now I am having my baby with her as my midwife. I have never met another person who can so easily uplift another person in just one conversation. She is so smart and dedicated to her mamas! She checks in regularly, give so much helpful information and I can call her and talk when something comes up that I am unsure of. This is obviously not just about money for her like I have seen with other doulas and midwives. She takes time to make sure that I know what is going on and if not, helps me find the information to make decisions for myself. I have seen her be soft and caring but also take charge in situations that it is needed in a gentle but assertive way to make sure both mom and baby were safe. I love that she still helps clients as a doula even though she is a midwife now. She cares so much for her clients she just wants to make sure they are taken care of, whomever their provider is!
There was one point in my last birth that I felt out of control and she helped me focus and gave my partner very helpful tools to help me through the rough points. She is just as good at helping partners in supporting you as she is in supporting you!
I am so grateful to have found her and feel like my pregnancies would have been very different without her support. My husband is amazing, but he doesn't know what to do or how to help when I am giving birth, like most men, he just thinks I am doing great! ha. She is the reason we were able to bond in labor, she was the reason he had space to take such good care of me. She gave him a calming confidence to be able to know that I was safe even though I was screaming my head off! I fell in love with him over and over again with each birth because she helped him help me! She may know so many comforting ways to help you, but this by far is the best! She is a Goddess in my eyes and knows how to help a mom like no other.
Thank you Ellie. You truly have a gift and are the best!"

From Brittany and her amazing family!



"I have never met a person who is more passionate about what they do then Ellie is.
She doesn't just support birth, she supports the growing family and all aspects of pregnancy and raising children. She really nourishes the whole person.
I am grateful that she was there with her tool bag full of essential oils, heating packs, tennis balls, birthing ball, peanut ball, massage tools.
and her amazing hip squeeze.
She was the most experienced doula that we found, but we hired her because she made me feel excited to have my baby. She made me feel like my husband was going to be supported in supporting me so that he didnt feel obligated to rub my feet for hours. or so that the whole task of taking care of me was put on him.
He was rested, fed and relaxed during my whole birth and I believe it is because of him.
Ellie never left my side once, she was present and involved and even made sure my husband was not sitting there the whole time on his phone. We worked a lot on optimal fetal positioning in pregnancy, but my little tot decided to come in mal positioned and she was right there doing positional stuff in labor to help the baby move.
She showed us how to bond and gave us space when I felt I needed it, but didn't have to ask for it.
She is truly amazing.
She goes above and beyond to make sure a couple is taken care of, even if that means she has to sit on the floor or not eat for hours at a time.
She knows what to do in all the right moments and is experienced enough to know what is going on to give honest feedback and evidence based suggestions.
I loved that she is about informed consent and makes sure that the people around me were taking care of me so that my husband was able to focus on all the important things I wanted him to do and give him time to run to the bathroom.
She was also so knowledgeable during my pregnancy. I could email her how I was feeling or what was going on and she was always there to talk or give helpful suggestions.
I interviewed so many doulas before finding her and am so grateful that we found the best one!
I dont feel like I could have done it without her. My husband said that I could, but that Ellie made him feel calm and like everything that was happening was actually a really good sign that are labor was progressing.
She doesnt just empower you, she helps you figure out what kind of support you want, how to have a better experience and how to have a baby like a rock star warrior!"

Sent in from Genny F and the sweetest baby!

Maryum Mitchell Sent us:


“I don't think my VBA2C would've been successful had it not been for Ellie. She spoke up for me when I needed it the most and didn't judge me when I changed my decision on persisting without medication. She made sure I had the energy I needed to keep going and I made it to the end. As a high-risk mom with gestational diabetes, I'm truly thankful for all of her help and support throughout this pregnancy. Because of her (and the medical staff), I was able to vaginally deliver my 9lb 13oz, 21.75 in daughter with no tears or scarring. This is a memory that will last a lifetime.”

She also later wrote it:

"I can truly say without a doubt that my VBA2C (vaginal birth after 2 c-sections) would not have been a success without the support and encouragement of Ellie, my doula. I was fortunate enough to find a doctor who allowed me to be a VBA2C candidate (which is very rare these days) and I knew that I had to do everything possible to make sure I progressed through this pregnancy with no regrets.

I entered my info into a Doula Share site and received several emails from doulas to choose from for my pregnancy. Ellie was the first one to pick up the phone and call me, which instantly made a great first impression for me. She made me feel comfortable and welcome, and I could tell from the way she spoke how experienced and knowledgeable she was as a doula. I met with her for a consultation and immediately knew she was perfect for me.

We paid for the holistic package (highly recommend) as well as the placenta encapsulation, tincture, and cord keepsake. Because I was considered high-risk due to gestational diabetes, I had to be induced shortly before my due date. Ellie was only one call away and I kept in touch with her at every progression. She came in and helped me with positioning the baby, getting moving around and staying active, staying hydrated, and encouraging me through the contractions the entire step of the way.

I had planned to do the entire labor with no pain interventions, but after 13 hrs on a clear liquid diet and contractions only getting worse, I was becoming too tired and tense to focus so I opted to get the epidural. I was a little disappointed in myself but Ellie never once made me feel bad about this decision. She said my body knows what it needs and to trust it, and she was right. I needed rest and after I was finally able to, I woke up refreshed and the doctor said I was fully dilated!

Ellie kept me in a positive mindset all the way until I delivered my baby, in spite of some of the on-call doctors informing me of the c-section option as their recommendation. Had I not had her in my corner, especially at my highest point of exhaustion and fatigue, I may have considered it. Hiring her was one of the best decisions I've ever made in life and I HIGHLY recommend her services to others."

"We used a doula from a local collective for our first birth and we didn't know her when she showed up and didn't have a very good experience at all. She was very know it all, pushy about her opinion and tried to make jokes in very inappropriate times. We were unsure about getting a doula for our second, but decided to look just in case.

We didn't want to need a doula and not have one there,

we would rather have a useless doula there then no one at all..
Our perspective of a doula changed when we met Ellie. Our first doula acted like she needed to "doula" us. and was always in the way. Our second birth was not like that at all... We could breath. we were not worried about having someone else in the room, I was able to zone at and enjoy my birth. She showed my husband how to help me, stood beside him instead of in front of him and was always helpful. She spoke sweetly to me. She was always the support from a distance when I wanted it and the hands on hip squeeze, rebozzo, essential oils on a towel handy doula when I needed her to be too!
Having someone that you are comfortable with makes the biggest difference! I am glad we decided to try again!"


I wanted to thank you for everything that you have provided forme and my family.
I was very worried at first that my birth would not be everything that I had hoped it
would be and even though it did end up being a nightmare, I appreciate all your help.
I feel very sad that I had to transfer to the hospital but I am so thankful that you where able to be there for me and my husband.

I wish it had ended differently but as you said, my we are both safe and alive and that is what is important.

Thank you for encapsulating my placenta for me and keeping me centered.

You where so amazing in every step and I would not have had anyone else there with me
and am planning on referring my pregnant friend to you!
I hope to have you attend if we choose to have any more children!
Thank you so much!"


The Birth classes she offers are FUN and interactive! She really knows her stuff! They are very straightforward and incredibly useful. Packed with information but not in the way that we would fall asleep. We took a mandatory course with the hospital we were delivering with and decided to follow it up with her birth class so that we could make sure we knew everything that we needed to know. and we are really glad that we did! Her class was much more interactive!
This is our first baby so we were very anxious. The knowledge that she gave us was priceless! What an incredible difference.

We feel lucky to have learned the practical and the little known.
She was by my side for 36 hours! I don't know how she does it! We even ran into another couple in the halls of the labor wing while walking around that she had birthed with a few days before us. We got to hear their experience with her and how big of a help she was to them. They spoke so highly about her abilities and what she did for them. It was really reassuring to have them tell me how lucky I was to have her as my doula!
She was patient with me when I couldn't get comfortable and let my husband

sneak off to nap and get some food.
We spoke about birth and her passion to help women. She listened to me and allowed me the silence to cry when I needed to, without making me feel uncomfortable about being vulnerable. She respected my modesty and covered up my exposed body when I would forget because she knew it was important to me. She nurtured me and swayed with me during hip squeezes and counter pressure. She also stepped to the side at all the perfect moments to show my husband where and how to be involved

so that we could share this experience together.
I am planning on looking her up when I decide to try for another one! Hopefully she will be a midwife by then!


"I was lucky enough to be able to have Ellie support me through 2 of my deliveries before she moved to Texas and was unable to attend the birth of my third!

During the time I was pregnant with my first baby, I was considered high risk and was unable to have the birthing center/home birth that I wanted to. I was told early on that for medical reasoning I would have to deliver in hospital, probably being induced and there was a high possibility that I would have to have a c section. during all our prenatal visits she walked us through everything that could happen and helped us discuss our options so that we would have the knowledge if anything would arise.

We chose to hire Ellie as our doula because of her compassionate understanding behavior. She was non judgmental during all our discussions about our decisions. She not only was very knowledgeable but had a way about her that just put my mind at ease and made me feel like my experience, however it all played out, would be my birth and all the decisions would be made by me. She was passionate about helping my husband to have the opportunity to nurture me in the birthing room. Thats what I wanted. I didnt want a doula who would act between us or take the job away from him.

It was like she was moving in when she entered my hospital room. She brought essential oils, a birthing ball, a huge bag with food, heating pads, rice socks, tennis balls, tea light candles... and so much more! I was surprised by all the tricks she pulled out at exactly the right moments when I needed it. She was the rock that my husband and I stood on during our very tiring and long labor. She would reassure not only me but my husband as well, in my power and ability to birth my baby.
Every time the doctor walked into the room and had doubt in her eyes about how I was doing, Ellie made sure I knew what was going on and that all the questions that needed to be asked were answered. Her gentle foot and leg massage after I received my epidural was soothing beyond relief. She made my fears melt away. I was told my dilation was regressing and they started talking about what my options as far as medications and surgeries were.

Because of the knowledge we received we were able to make the decisions we felt was best for the baby and ultimately for me as well.
She stayed the entire time I was in the operating room and made sure that I had the support I needed after my baby had arrived. Breastfeeding was very challenging and she made sure that I was able to do what I could to feed my son and untimely was the only reason I was able to find the confidence to keep on and finally after 2 months of sleepless nights we got it down! He continued to be EBF for over 2 years! Yeah!

She, thankfully, was also available to attend the birth of my daughter. We decided to have a home birth this time around and researched how to have a good VBAC.
This pregnancy was a whole different experience. I never felt one moment of being uncomfortable. I was at ease the entire process. Ellie discussed how this birth would be different from my first and made sure we were prepared and had a good care giver. She brought her bags this time as well but the baby came so fast all she was able to use were those amazing hip squeezes and her intuition as to what my needs were. The midwife and her were a perfect team. Working beside me and empowering me.

I wish she was able attend my last birth! My husband missed having her kind reassurance about his counter pressure and never got a break to use the bathroom. oops!
But we know that the babies she helps birth are lucky to have her around, where ever she may go!
She helped me realize that I AM able to birth a baby! That I dont need a doctor or someone else to tell me how powerful I am, but thankful that I was surrounded by such amazing support. She showed me kindness and we are truly grateful for her words of wisdom!" 


"My husband was actually the one who made me look for a doula. His reasoning was that he wanted to ensure that I got all the help I needed because he was not entirely sure that he would be able to give me, or know what I needed while I was in labor. I interviewed a bunch of doulas and finally found Ellie through a friend who had delivered twins with her. Both born vaginally because of the support of her doula, when everyone else around her just wanted to schedule a c section.... followed by a tummy tuck... We are in San Diego didn't you know that's the "norm".... ha...
I found Ellie to be very down to earth and level headed. She seemed to team up very well with my husband during our birth classes with her and was able to guide him in a way he understood to help me. Which was a big plus for him. He gets nervous and shy's away, but she was able to help him find the confidence that he made this baby with me and he could help me through the most important day of our lives.
With all her help in the pregnancy to how amazing she was while I was in labor I felt that she was the perfect match for us! She never once made me feel like I was "giving in" or unable to make the decisions for myself. She jumped in when my husband needed to eat or pee and was very helpful in every part of my labor. PEPPERMINT... I threw up so much before she came to my house and once she pulled out that little bottle, I tell you what I could bow to her! It saved my life. She just knew what I needed and I didn't have to ask.
After my experience with her I have recommended her to at least 10 of my other friends and each one who has met her has been very happy with their experience. She guided them from scared pregnancy worries to empowered parents!
Baby Gretchen just adores her as well! We used her postpartum services and had lots of help with breastfeeding. We actually were able to get sleep! That right there is worth a million dollars!" 


"I cannot even begin to explain to you how helpful it was to have a doula with me while I had my son! My husband and I are more grateful then we could ever imagine we could be. Ellie went above and beyond anything I imagined her to do while I experienced the most amazing and intense day of my life. She made sure my husband was fed!! threw all 29 hours, she was the rock that reminded my husband that I would survive. Telling him where to push or rub and encouraging me at every step of the way.
Thank you so much for being with me, you made what was a scary situation going into it a magical event between Matt and I.
I will forever be thankful.

GET A DOULA LADIES... Hire Ellie for that matter! She has magical lavender oil and will rub your feet if you want her to!"


"Ellie Was my doula for the birth of my first and my fifth baby. She was recommended to us by a friend who is a midwife and we loved her from the moment we met her! She was subtle and very smart. I liked that she was interested in holistic medicine but knew the ins and outs of the medical system. It was calming to be around her and her constant reassurance in my abilities was exactly what I needed when I went into labor. I FLIPPED out during transition. Nothing my husband said was helping me. She immediately knew what to do. She sprayed the room with lavender oil, placed a cool cloth on my head and got me out of bed and helped me into the tub. Every ounce of stress melted away with the swaying of the water. She placed a cup in my husbands hand and he sat there for 2 hours pouring water on me. He is an amazing man I tell you what!
After my birth I felt like I couldn’t have done it without her. I told her thank you over and over before she left but she smiled and told me that I was amazing, that I DID IT. It was all me. She gave me the gift of sanity in harsh waters and even though she says it was all me, it was all the little things that she did that helped my husband and I hold on to hope that this was indeed the best day of our life. Until our other babies were born of course! Each experience was a little different but I held onto the words she said to me, the power she saw in me.
We are very glad that she was able to come back to Texas, because we needed her to be there for us when we were informed our fifth baby needed the extra care of the hospital. It was like seeing an old friend again! We hugged and laughed and she refilled my cup and rubbed my back while my husband held my hand and sang sweetly to me.

She knows what it takes to make a person feel inspired and secure with themselves in the birth room. Like she told me the day I first met her.... I will hold on to that experience for the rest of my life!"


"I was a little unsure at first that She was the doula for me. She was young and didn’t have any kids at the time. But in the back of my mind everything that she said rang true to me. She was passionate about birth. I wanted that too!
My wife and I attended her birth class. She walked us through making a birth plan and we were both slowly starting to feel like we were ready to have the baby we worked so hard to have! Her In home visit during the last couple weeks of our pregnancy was invaluable. She taught us how to use a breast pump, showed us how to swaddle our baby and even gave my wife some tips on things she can do to bond with the baby once it was born so that she would not miss out on the first moments of our new family! She went above and beyond what I feel any of the other doulas we interviewed would have done.
She gave us questions to ask our provider and answered our questions when one of our doctors appointments wouldn’t go that great. She showed us how to care for each other during pregnancy and how to care for a baby after the fact.
During our birth she would step back and give us room to explore what was happening, We had asked her to help to facilitate a romantic atmosphere while being kind of hands off unless she felt she was needed or we welcomed her to join in. Which ended up being perfect. She was there for knowledge when needed. Played all our music, and set the mood of the room so that we were not in a hospital, but in a getaway to enjoy the experience of having a baby together! She was also very helpful during the transition and pushing phase when we needed everyone to focus on getting me through and reminding me that I was safe. It was intense! But I had the support I needed to know I was going to be okay.
Overall we are very pleased that we decided to get a doula and that we found Ellie! Hopefully she will be able to make it to the birth of our next one!"


We chose Ellie because of her compassionate understanding behavior. She was non judgmental during all our discussions. She very knowledgeable and had a way about her that just put my mind at ease and made me feel like my experience, would be my birth and all the decisions would be mine. She was passionate about helping my husband to have the opportunity to nurture me. It was like she was moving in when she came in the room. She brought essential oils, a birthing ball, a huge bag with food, heating pads, rice socks, tennis balls, tea light candles... and so much more! She was the rock that my husband and I stood on during our very tiring and long labor. She would reassure not only me but my husband as well in my power and ability to birth my baby. Every time the doctor walked into the room and had doubt in her eyes about how I was doing, Ellie made sure I knew what was going on and that all the questions that needed to be asked were answered. Her gentle foot and leg massage after I received my epidural was soothing beyond relief. She made my fears melt away. Because of the knowledge we received we were able to make the decisions we felt was best for our baby. Which ended up being a c section in the end. She was very helpful in helping me prepare for my VBAC, sharing lists of care providers who had good success rates and helped us make a good plan as well as how to mentally prepare. This pregnancy was a whole different experience. I was at ease the entire process. She brought her bags this time as well but the baby came so fast all she was able to use were those amazing hip squeezes and her intuition as to what my needs were. The midwife and her were a perfect team. Working beside me and empowering me. She helped me realize that I AM able to birth a baby! That I dont need a doctor or someone else to tell me how powerful I am, but thankful that I was surrounded by such amazing support. She showed me kindness and we are truly grateful for her words of wisdom!


"When I had imagined our birthing experience I was expecting it to be the doula and I with my husband on the side. Ellie really helped support me and my husband and helped us create a safe environment where I labored with my husband and she supported us. Ellie was pure magic. She was so calm, patient, and nurturing. She was so encouraging and really empowered me to make the decisions that were best for me and my baby. With Ellies guidance and support I allowed the doctors to break my water-something I had initially been very resistant to. I'm so glad that I made the decision I did. Breaking my water sped the process up I was able to have the natural drug free birth I had been dreaming of. It was incredible to work with my baby and labor with my husband and really surrender to the process. I felt so safe and supported having Ellie with us. I honestly don't know if I could have had a drug free birth without Ellie... She was our angel and we are forever grateful!"


"I got pregnant with twins when I was 19.

My husband was deployed with the Navy when I found out and he was not going to be home for the birth of his
children. I was so scared. I had no one. I moved to San Diego to be with Matt and he couldn't be there for us! My sister suggested that

I find someone in my area who could go to

my prenatal appoints with me, help me find a midwife and be there for me emotionally when I needed someone.
It was a Godsend when I was able to meet with Ellie. I found her through a
mutual friend and she was willing to be with me every step of the way.
Together we found a midwife who would attend the home birth I wanted.
Which was hard, because not many midwives would take a twin birth. She
helped me through dealing with long bouts of depression during my
pregnancy and even made sure that I had everything I would need for the
birth. She answered my questions, eased my fears and was more then I
could have ever asked for in a friend let alone a doula.
When I went into labor I freaked out but Ellie was there immediately.
Reassuring me that I could do this.

That although my husband was not here
that I was in control and our babies would be safe. She suggested lots of
positions and worked very well to not be in the way of the midwife.

Not even having to mention how on it she was when I needed something!

She took pictures and even worked out before hand with my husband that

he would be able to attend the birth via skype and his face showed up right on time on a
little tablet screen to see me push our beautiful babies into this world.

(One being a breech too!)
My pregnancy and birth was not what I wanted it to be. But because I had
such amazing support I was able to fight for what I needed. I was able to
overcome what could have been the worst part of my life with depression
and end up on my feet, better because of it. Ellie even suggested that
because I dealt with depression during my pregnancy that I was at a very
high risk of developing postpartum depression and she wanted me to
encapsulate my placenta for me. FOR FREE....

So that she could make sure I was taken care of.
And because Matt would not be home for another month after I delivered I hired her to stay on as a postpartum doula and care for the three of us.
Not only would I recommend Ellie to anyone I come across in the street who
is pregnant but I am so proud to say that when she becomes a midwife I will
gladly pay double her fee for her to come back to San Diego

and catch my babies!

Thank you Ellie for being such an amazing woman. You gave me strength to
do it myself. You gave me courage and

I was able to do this because of

A happy customer and Grateful family


More Reviews!

I’m proud to have received wonderful feedback from some of the Austin women and families I’ve worked with. For me, the most rewarding part of the job is building strong, beautiful relationships with my clients and to share in one of the most memorable moments of their lives. Feel free to browse some of their testimonials below.


"Ellie was wonderful. She was so supportive and it was such a blessing to have her assist in the birth of our precious son."

Kris Michaels Said:


“My experience with Austin Womb Service Birth Services and Doula was truly more than I could have ever asked for. I highly recommend them if you too are looking for a more natural birthing experience.”

Amanda A sent in:

"I am happy to share my experience with others in hopes of giving them confidence in their bodies and to hopefully inspire them to choose a doula, and better yet that they choose you. You were a big part of helping me through our birth. Your provided me a lot of strength, confidence, and clarity when I was uncertain about the path ahead. I never thought I would have to be induced, but your calm spirit helped me to be at peace with what was before me. I am forever grateful and will always have positive words to say about you to others. I hope to be able to encourage more women to not only seek out a doula for their birth, but to give you a shot."