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Birthing Center Support

The coziness of home away from home with the competence of thorough, comprehensive care -

Tranquil, Calm, Supportive, Educated and Private

Giving birth in a home like environment, in a peaceful, comfortable birthing center.

At The Bastrop Birthing Center, we offer a personalized holistic experience. Our focus is helping you have a nurturing, educated, HEALTHY, natural experience with the belief that healthy healing from birth starts in pregnancy.  It is a home like setting where safe maternity care is provided to low-risk women.

Our prenatal care is community, whole body and family based.

Offering group and private prenatal options, yoga classes, childbirth education, herbal consultations, referrals to acupuncturists/chiropractors/doctors (when needed),   and so much more! 

Surrounded by the people you love and trust in an environment you feel safe and comfortable in, your body can release the hormones that
allow your body to open up and let your baby out.​

Experience The Difference of Safe & Supportive Pregnancy Care and Childbirth.


While attending your birth, our experienced birth team of midwives and trained birth assistants combine the ancient tradition of midwifery with the evidence-based practice of modern medicine. We believe that every woman has the innate wisdom, power and sensibility to birth her baby naturally. Birthing naturally empowers women and transforms families. Our midwives and birth team trust in your strengths and wisdom as a woman and soon to be mother to create your own transformational dream birth. We offer care for pregnancy with a holistic  approach using natural alternatives, good nutrition, whole body health, movement, herbs and plant based healing.

By avoiding the culture of birth fear. The foundation we help YOU to pave allows your birth to be achieved as nature intended: naturally and

Birth Support in our Birthing Center

After laboring in the comfort of your home, you make the short tip to our beautiful birthing center. Where we offer the community a natural alternative birth place. We believe that pregnancy and birth are normal, healthy events in the life of a family.

Our birth Center is stocked with all the emergency equipment that may be needed. Oxygen, medications to stop bleeding, and any other tools that are commonly helpful.

During your birth we can be as hands on or hands off as needed depending on your support needs. During your prenatal visits we talk a lot about what kind of birth you want.

We love for mamas or their partners to catch their babies. Delayed cord clamping is always the normal and we trust your body to birth your baby. After your birth we make sure mom and baby are taken care of before sending you home to rest in your own bed. The average stay after baby is born is 4 to 6 hours.

Water birth?

Water births are a wonderful option for many families. Laboring in the warm water can be a soothing form of pain relief and can also be a peaceful transition for the birth as the baby moves from “water to water.” Having the option of water is lovely whether you choose to give birth in the tub or just decide to labor in it.

Waterbirth has been shown to:

  • In the later stages of labor, the water has been shown to increase the woman’s energy.

  • The effect of buoyancy lessens a mother’s body weight, allowing free movement and new positioning.

  • Buoyancy promotes more efficient uterine contractions and improved blood circulation resulting in better oxygenation of the uterine muscles, less pain for the mother, and more oxygen for the baby.

  • Immersion in water often helps lower high blood pressure caused by anxiety.

  • The water seems to reduce stress-related hormones, allowing the mother’s body to produce endorphins which serve as pain-inhibitors.

  • Water causes the perineum to become more elastic and relaxed, reducing the incidence and severity of tearing and the need for an episiotomy and stitches.

  • As the laboring woman relaxes physically, she is able to relax mentally with greater ability to focus on the birth process.

  • Since the water provides a greater sense of privacy, it can reduce inhibitions, anxiety, and fears.

At the birth center every room as a birth pool or tub ready and available for you to use.

Prenatal Care

Prenatal care with a midwife is quite different from the obstetric model of care. With us, our dedicated midwife will provide your care and she will be assisted by an additional midwife, student or birth assistant. . This is your birth team: the people who will attend your birth and care for you and your baby in the weeks postpartum.Your prenatal visits last for an hour. In that time, we do the medical portion of the visit and also go over any choices available at that point in your pregnancy.
It is a setting where safe maternity care is provided to low-risk women.
We offer the same genetic screening, blood tests, ultrasounds and newborn procedures as you would be offered when seeing a hospital-based care provider, but these are always optional and never required. We believe in Informed Choice, and trust that if we provide our families with the information needed to make decisions, they will choose what is right for them. Once you are thirty-two weeks pregnant, our visits increase to twice a month, and at thirty-six weeks we see you weekly until your baby is born!

Postpartum Care

We will continue care in the postpartum period, visiting for about an hour or longer for each visit, and spending time with you until all of your questions are answered.  We will stay with you for 2-4 hours after your birth and see you after the birth at one day (approximately 24 hours), three days, one week, three weeks. We will see you for your six week visit in our office, which includes a full annual exam for you and the baby.

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Birth Center Birth Package


Have your baby in the comfort and coziness of our beautiful birthing center!

What we offer:

Complete prenatal care through the whole pregnancy
Nutritional consulting
Lab work. Ultrasound referrals

Childbirth education
Birth support / Water birth
Newborn metabolic screening

Normal newborn care for 6 weeks
Birth Certificate filing
Family Planning after baby

Well-woman exam and pap postpartum

Holistic Midwifery Package

Email for pricing

This is the same great support you get with our basic package, plus so much more!

Why is self care so important? Because no one can care and nourish you like you can. Families plan for their entire pregnancy for a baby, and a birth but caring for yourself while you do so is JUST as important. Because you cannot care for others when you have nothing left to give!

This package puts the focus back on mothers so that they can do what they do best while feeling their best!

This package includes all the same midwifery care that you love that is in the basic home birth package, all the same testing and support, but with more of a focus on holistically caring and nourishing mom.

We see you in our office every month until you are 32 weeks pregnant, then every two weeks at which time we will do an in home prenatal visit to make a plan to where and how you want to give birth in your space. After that we see you every week until you have your baby!

This package is designed to include EVERYTHING you could need for your pregnancy.​​​



PLUS: with this package you get


*Prenatal supplement package - designed for optimal health and focus on prevention

*Centered focused relaxation during ALL of your prenatal visits

During your regular prenatal visits we put the focus on decompression and relaxation during your visit.  Using energy work and a calming environment you are able to spend 10/15 mins letting go of stress so that you can focus on making sure your prenatal visit is through. We want  you to have the time to mentally come down from everything else and are able to get all of your questions asked! This makes appointments a lot more enjoyable. This is also a really great time to learn about how to get baby into a really great position for birth!

*All STANDARD blood work - Ob panel x2, CBC, glucose, GBS screen. (non standard labs are not included if needed) 

* One Prenatal Massage

60 min session prenatal massage to help calm and relax you so that you can focus on the important things like your adorable baby room!


*One - IN LABOR massage

- The highest need for intervention during birth is because of maternal exhaustion.
Start your labor off by lowering cortisol levels (the stress hormone) so as your labor progresses you will be well rested and ready to birth your baby! -

* One Postpartum Massage

60 min session that includes a focus on helping to heal your womb so you can heal from carrying a baby.

* Belly Binding session

This helps to align your organs for optimal healing. Belly binding holds together your abdominal muscles to close the gap while reducing bleeding, pulling together your hips and ribs that spread during childbirth. Wrap is included.


​* 2x Iv therapy sessions (1 saline and 1 Meyers cocktail)

Pregnancy can be stressful, confusing, overwhelming, beautiful and life changing! Let us help give you tools to calm and center yourself, take care of your body and focus your energy on how you can enjoy yourself during this time!

*(all massage appointments are done with a licensed massage therapist and not your midwife)

(this includes all prenatal, postpartum and newborn care as well as the additional services)

What is a birthing center?

A birthing center is a medical facility, specializing in childbirth, that is less restrictive and more homelike than a hospital. It is in fact a place that women come to give birth to their babies but also a place to find prenatal and postpartum care for themselves and their newborns.

It is much different then just a resource center. We can offer you lots of resources, but mothers come to our center for:

Full prenatal care, to have their babies in the birthing center or at their home and full postpartum care for both mom and baby for six weeks after.

Provided by a comforting and compassionate Midwife!

But what is it underneath just being a facility for a person to come to give birth?​

Birth centers offer a much more individualized approach to birth and the care that you receive in pregnancy, with the benefits of hospital birth and the freedom of a homebirth all wrapped into one. Some people feel more comfortable being in a birthing center then they do with being at home for their birth. but our birthing center provides support for mothers who want to have their baby in their homes OR in the birthing center.

So at anytime you are able to make the switch from wanting to have your baby at home to wanting to use our birthing center or the other way around!

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