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Hello Are you ready to start your journey as a midwifery apprentice?

Are you an inspiring midwife? We love our apprentices at The Bastrop Birthing Center!

But we are also looking for the perfect fit for our limited apprenticeship spaces.

We care very dearly for our patients and work very hard to take the best care of them. So with this in mind we are very picky with who we bring in to share in the care for them. We encourage you to look through our entire website to get a good feel of the kind of support we offer.

What are we offering to our apprentices ?

1. I hold high expectations to the quality of care I provide firstly to my clients and to training students. I dedicate 110% of my expertise, time and energy to women, babies and my practice to ensure students get every opportunity to learn and experience with us!
2. We do clinic 2-3 times a week
3. We take 2-11 patients a month (depending on the month) - are moderate volume
4. Experience with providing full prenatal, birth support and postpartum support to patients
5. A holistic approach to providing evidence based care
6. Learn how to take vitals
7. Learn how to draw blood/lab work
8. Guide students in development of comprehensive charting and record keeping skills, using your system of charting and record keeping
9. Support students in developing and further refining their critical thinking abilities
10. Encourage a culturally sensitive training experience for the students

What do we expect from our apprentices ?

1. Students must have current IV, NRP and CPR certifications before beginning or be in the process of obtaining certifications, Passing grades to continue participating in clinical training. Highly recommend you take a workshop; intro to student midwife skills or "birth assistant"..
2. Students are expected to attend all appointments, including last minute/urgent visits. this includes classes and monthly meetings
3. Students attend ALL births
4. Understand the amount of dedication to the clients, families and babies that is required to have a well-rounded and solid apprenticeship
5. Student is continuously working towards taking on the full responsibilities as the midwife, and the midwifery practice.. If your preceptor is available to do the work then you need to be too
6. On-call/being available to the clients 24/7
7. Have a reliable vehicle, and plenty of back-up childcare
8. Have a practical knowledge of what an apprenticeship fully entails
9. Attend all postpartum care visits
10. Dress appropriately for all visits

11. Must be at least 18 yrs old

After reading through the Eligibility & Expectations sections below you find you are interested in pursuing this process, please complete the online application via the contact form below.

​We will contact you within 2 weeks of receipt of your completed application. If we feel it may be a good fit, we’ll schedule an in-person interview/orientation with one of our midwives.

Eligibility -

Student must be enrolled in an approved midwifery training program. We do currently accept PEP Students but require them to also be involved in an approved academic program providing structure and evaluation.

Student must be current in both CPR for Healthcare Providers, and Neonatal Resuscitation. Obtain training in HIPAA and blood borne pathogens training.

Students must have completed a Cultural Competency Course for Midwives (online course accepted) within the last 2 years. (if you have questions regarding this, please contact us)

Student must have 24/7 access to a personal vehicle and cell phone, and be able to live an “on-call” life. Student’s must be reachable by phone and text 24/7 when on call, and available to leave for the birth quickly once called.

Students with children must have childcare arrangements available during on call periods as well.

Students must live no further than 60 minutes from our Birth Center in Bastrop. Those applying from other cities/states must be willing to relocate for the duration of their apprenticeship.

Requirements -

Only students willing to commit to a minimum 12 month apprenticeship will be considered. The first 90 days are considered a probationary trial period. After the initial 90 days, the preceptor and student will sit down for an evaluation of their time together and mutually decide if the apprenticeship should continue. At this time, neither party is obligated to pursue the apprenticeship and may discontinue for any reason. Any skills/clinicals that the apprentice may have performed will be signed off on at this time (if applicable) so she may still get credit for her time here

Students are required to be present for all appointments. The student must arrive an hour before the first scheduled appointment to prepare for the day, and is expected to stay 30/60 minutes after the last appointment ends to help wrap up last minute items/prepare the office for the next clinical day.

We have a work/study program and students work hard to earn their apprenticeship by doing minimal chores and office work, but only ever in the context of midwifery and never in the personal lives of the staff. This not only helps us as a team, but also gives you a glimpse into the whole world of midwifery practice. Midwifery is much more than just clinical duties & catching babies, and there are many aspects of business/office administration that you will need to learn to run a successful practice.

When you attend a birth in any capacity, you are required to also be present for the follow-up postpartum visits. Because birth happens at unpredictable times, that may mean that a postpartum home visit falls on a day that is not typically a clinic day. Although the midwife will do her best to coordinate with your schedule if possible, it is ultimately scheduled at the convenience of the client & midwife.

Wear proper “business casual” attire for clinic days. (No flip flops/ragged jeans/tank tops), Wear dark colored scrubs to all births. Tennis shoes/other closed toe shoes are required. You must have a minimum of 3 sets of scrubs. (1 set that you keep at home, and the other 2 that stay in your car.)

When called to a birth, the apprentice is expected to shadow her preceptor during the entire labor, birth, and immediate postpartum period; and is required to stay until clean up is finished and the primary midwife is ready to leave. No matter what.



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